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Selling with Premier  


The commission is a fraction of the better results you can expect with hundreds of thousands or even with millions at stake, one lost deal or one bad decision literally costs thousands. You need the best information - powerful marketing - total professionalism.
Our mission is simple: maximize your return on the sale of an aircraft.


When you list with Premier, you get the broadest marketing exposure in the industry:

1. The best internet presentations in the industry via http://www.premieraviation.ie
2. The best possible search engine placement in the industry
3. Enhanced digital photography
4. Listing in every major aircraft sales website (aircraft.com - Tradeaplane.com GlobalAir.com - FindAircraft.com - JetMarket.com - Aso.com AircraftDealer.com - Controller.com - Globalplanesearch.com - PlaneQuest - Ipilot - AviatorsHotline - Planemart - AviatorSale).
5. Multiple magazines (Business Air - Executive Controller, Trade-a-Plane, IBAN, Aviation Sales Magazine, Helidata, AV-Buyer.com)
6. Multi-list with all other brokers / dealers via Amstat & Jetnet

In a recent poll, over 70% of jet and helicopter buyers say the internet is the first place they look. Premier Aviation offers client the best internet presence available in the industry.

Most buyers are shopping for aircraft on-line. At the core of marketing your aircraft, http://www.premieraviation.ie is the most innovative website in the jet resale industry.

Premier makes your aircraft more attractive because we make it easier to buy than others with more information, better pictures, immediate offer capability, wiring instructions and financing options. We link the availability of your aircraft in the leading magazines, websites and search engines to the full presentation on http://www.premieraviation.ie Premier Aviation regularly contacts virtually all owners via research calls and our monthly broadcast email thousands of helicopter and jet operators and private operators. The bottom line is that when you list with Premier Aviation, the availability and details of your aircraft are quickly and widely known in the market place.